As a new feature here on the blog I am going to start putting together a products of the week round up for you guys... it's going to be a list of 3 products that I am loving for the current week and why. I know it may seem like loads, but seeing as I find myself with new products, especially make-up, almost everyday... this won't be too difficult to put together.

Collection Gel Eyeliner in Black - £4.99
Having used a 1000 and one gel eyeliners and always finding they are never quite 100%, this product has simply become my absolute beauty must have for 2013. Frankly I'm obsessed. This is the blackest gel eyeliner I have ever used and it's such a rich texture it's remarkable it's under £5. It glides onto the skin effortlessly (a little too soft at first, but after a week it set's to the perfect texture and stays there) and stays on all day. I'm not sure if this product is intentionally water-resistant but no matter what conditions I'm in, it doesn't move. Not an inch. To put it simply, I couldn't love a product more for this week, month and probably this year. (small tip... bin the brush this comes with, immediately, it's the only negative of this product as it's just not precise enough to create good liner).

MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Chestnut - £11.50
Ahhh how I love that MAC rarely fails me. I think the reason why us make-up artists rave about MAC so much is that they have developed an unshakeable consistency as of late and for that I am forever greatful. This has to be one of my star products of the week as I am a firm lover of a lip pencil, especially for use on my eyes (in the waterline, on the lid) and this is the PERFECT eyeliner pencil for me to use to create an amazing sultry smokey eye which brings out brown eyes. I would describe this as a completely matte bronze and everything from it's texture to the pigment is nothing short of impressive.

Illamasqua Satin Primer - £22.50
Cult beauty brand Illamasqua is another brand which I feel delivers a level of consistency superior to even the most high end brands on the market, so it's no surprise then that their Satin Primer has made it into my PPOTW list. As someone with a oily to combination skin, it's probably a bit of a contradiction for me to love this primer... however there's many reasons why I do. Firstly, as a make-up artist this is a must have due to it's amazing dewyness on the skin and it's ability to deliver a skin-like-glow. Secondly because it's the perfect mixing medium. I often mix this with my foundation daily to reduce it's opacity and to increase it's elasticity on the skin helping to deliver a radiant glow.


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