As an obsessive compulsive collector of all things beautiful (so makeup, makeup and more makeup), I've tried and tested a huge amount of products in the industry, so rarely am I surprised when I discover a new beauty brand.... until now.

Motives by Loren Ridinger is exactly that, a line of beauty products created by the founder of Market America who has made a name for herself as a successful business woman with a wealth of ideas for success. So it's no wonder (excuse the pun), that Motives isn't just another line of products created with no real substance in comparison to all the others in the industry, it's actually good.... amazing in fact.

Daily i've been using the Liquid Powder Mineral foundation and as someone who unfortunately usually hates foundations of this type (even though still a liquid, this is more of a liquid-mousse texture) I was pleasantly surprised and impressed! The coverage was medium which for me is perfect in the day time and it didn't move from my skin all day (even when I did the ok-today-i'm-not-going-to-wear-a-primer test). Those with a dryer skin I would recommend mixing this foundation with a moisturiser to give it more elasticity as I found it quite matte which for me is perfect, but some may not love that just so much. Alongside the foundation I have been using the Motives for La La Mineral blusher in centrefold, the Pressed Eyeshadow in cappucino which gave a really rich amount of pigment (daily, it's a perfect neutral colour for my skin) and the Lustrafy Mascara which has a wand almost identical to MAC Studio Fix lash (my favourite mascara), so it's no surprise that I loved this. The Motives for La La lipstick in time square wasn't the colour for me, as I prefer much lighter pinks but as a blusher it worked out truly amazing (waste not, want not!) and three strokes of it on my cheeks, blended with my finger and it was the perfect cream blush (**the lipsticks aren't tested for use in this area, but for me it's caused me no problems**).

The star product that I loved the most? The Motives for La La Mineral Dual foundation which has an incredibly soft texture designed to glide onto the skin like a veil and is a credit to it's finely milled process which allows it to be so silk-like whilst providing an expert layer of coverage. For me, this product solidified the Motives brand as a substantial make-up line to take note of in 2013 and beyond.

4 out of 5 Stars = ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

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