Draw a lip liner all over your lips before applying your lipstick, in a corresponding shade. It gives your lipstick a truer intensity of colour, defines the shape of your lips and helps it to stay on all day.


Anyone who knows about the make-up trends of this coming season will know that glossy skin is most definitely in. It's a sure winner if you want to catapult your makeup straight into AW/11 with minimal effort and not to mention it makes skin look healthier than a matte finish ever could.

Inspired by the cult Asian market Beauty Balm creams, Skin Base Foundation is a brand new, refined formula unlike anything on the UK market. Easily blendable, it effortlessly creates a perfect complexion, and like the entire Illamasqua foundation range, is undetectable in a professional HD environment. Suitable for all skin types, it smoothes, softens and conditions your skin whilst providing natural, buildable coverage.

Type: Oily T-zone, Dryness in other areas = Combination
Colour: Dark, Light tone
Shade: MAC NC50
Undertone: Yellow

Illamasqua, the most inventive and innovative makeup brand on planet cool right now, have encorporated everything I love about this season and put it into a foundation that from the second I heard of it's launch, I knew I would love. Skin Base foundation is all about embracing your skin, enhancing it rather than transforming it and giving it the glow it's always longed for, with a product it will always need. It's sheer brilliance. The coverage levels on this foundation I would describe as medium to full which I love, not a mask, but just enough to even out my skin tone perfectly. I would describe the texture as being extremely similar to MAC Studio Sculpt just slightly smoother and less mask-like. It also has a nice smell and feels like the skin is naked, completely naked. The gel-liquid-like texture is beautiful and the finish it leaves on the skin is not matte, not demi-matte and not a glow. It's designed to mimic how skin should look on it's best day, so no artificial finish, just a skin finish with a pinch of a glow to make you look like you have a halo on your head. No word of a lie.

Now, I have clearly fallen in love with this foundation as many of you have also done (and also will, if you are yet to try it), but as an impartial reviewer I have to outline it's strength's along with any weaknesses, as minor as they may be. So, my only warning would be, for those with an oilier/combination skin such as myself, you will need to wear a primer which deliver's the skin with enough oil control to wear this foundation successfully, as it last's brilliantly, but during my testing.. when worn with no primer, a lot of oil was produced on my t-zone. This is to be expected due to the foundations texture and finish, so using a primer such as MAC Face Protect SPF50 will do wonder's for your skin when wearing this product. It's also rather pricey weighing in at £25.00 for just 30ml which is rather steep in my humble opinion, but then having worn the product, I will happily pay that again just to experience the effects it gives. Truly amazing.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ = 5 LOVE's out of 5.

Purchase Skin Base in exclusive stores nationwide or online at www.illamasqua.com


Seeing as I missed out the tip of the day yesterday, I'm delivering a weekend special Tip Of The Day which will be a double dose of special tip's to help you create the perfect look.

Skin is a real focus for me in every look I ever create whether on myself or on clients as it can make or break a look entirely. Even if the skin is left naked and just cleverly concealed it can mean the difference between effortless beauty and just looking like you didn't give a damn, to be honest. My first TOTD for the weekend is a product which I know all of you would love, but not many of you have invested in yet and that's a Gel Bronzer.

Whatever your skin type, skin colour and skin tone a Gel Bronzer can transform your look in seconds giving you rich colour and even application in seconds with no fuss, no hassle and most importantly NO streaks. Just use a bronzing gel such as Bobbi Brown All Over Bronzing Gel in Golden Sun (my favourite of them all but the Laura Mercier Bronzing Gel is an equally amazing alternative) and take a pea sized amount to apply all over the face in circular motions using the fingertips. In seconds you can be amazingly bronzed. For dry/normal/combination skin tones mix the bronzing gel you have purchased with your tinted moisturiser for extra coverage and amazing skin with minimal effort. PORCELAIN SKINS: If the bronzing gel you have purchased is far too dark for your skin, have no fear, just mix a pea sized amount with your favourite facial moisturiser for a sheerer wash of colour.

TOTD number two is to use MAC face and body all over the arm's and legs in a shade one darker than your skin, 30 minute's before you get dressed for a flawless, airbrushed body. For an even more glamorous look mix a liquid highlighter with your face and body, such as Lustre Drops from MAC in Sun Rush for that 'J-Lo glow'.


Rumours have been in heavy circulation about numerous collaborations in this forthcoming season between major fashion and beauty houses and now confirmation has arisen that the fashion designer on everyone's lips (and hips and arms and well ... everywhere) Alexander Wang, is collaborating with legendary nail house Sally Hansen. I can't even contain excitement, I'm just hoping the collection isn't too large or choosing a colour may prove extremely problematic.



If you have a yellow undertone to your skin, wear a concealer with a neutral or warm undertone to make the skin tone appear neutral as opposed to highlighting the yellowness. Skin looks fresh and healthy in pictures as opposed to sallow, which can often be the case with a more yellow undertoned skin.


Having heard a great deal already about this foundation from makeup artist friends and Youtuber's alike... I thought it would be rude of me to not give it a try. Estée Lauder foundations are good, but not necessarily my favourite of them all, however, they are known to mostly do exactly as they advertise, so I wanted to know if this one led up to it's brands reputation.


15 hour wear, light as air - long-wear makeup is now lightweight makeup.


  • Fresh, natural, comfortable.
  • Controls oil.
  • Resists smudging and won't "melt" off through heat and humidity.
Type: Oily T-zone, Dryness other areas = Combination
Colour: Dark, Light tone
Shade: NC50
Undertone: Yellow

Yes, yes and yes. Everything ticked off the box because it genuinely does as it says on the "tin" as it were. No fuss application, oil control, longevity throughout the day and night and doesn't move an inch from your face. I really do like this foundation and as someone with an oilier skin type it works for me brilliantly. Those of you with a drier skin type than mine can still wear this foundation but you will need to heavily moisturise your skin first (with something like Oilatum Daily Moisturiser) and a dewy primer like the one from Clarins.

All I would say about this foundations is, it's not really that exciting being as it reminds me of the hundreds of other foundations that leave me with an almost demi-matte finish and medium coverage (MAC Select Foundation, MAC Pro Longwear Foundation, NARS Sheer Matte Foundation... etc). I just wish a makeup brand will bring out a foundation which controls oil but has a dewy finish (one can only dream).... 

❤ ❤ ❤ = 3 LOVE's out of 5. 


My favourite trend of the season, the up do is back and it's all about the pony. Perfectly disheveled or slick, sleek and straight the pony will fit into your lifestyle just like the new season mulberry, with style. There's no complications, just glamorous appeal, as the hair of the face look fit's in perfectly with every make-up look of the season. Embrace your face and frame it's beauty with the perfect pony.


ILLAMASQUA are having the summer sale of the year in the makeup world and practically giving away their most coveted items to us for stupidly cheap prices. My. Kind. Of. Sale. Amazing items, at amazing prices, from one of my favourite brands ever. All haul ILLAMASQUA!


It's no secret to anyone with an eye for key trends and an eye firmly placed on the cool elite of London (the Shoreditch girls and Dalston diva's alike), that Bleach London is the Sergeant in charge of the biggest hair-wake-up-call in the past decade. Pay attention. They've revived a hair movement that has been scattered through various decades in the past and delivered it firmly into the 21st century, the "bleach". The 80's embraced it fully and other era's shared it's presence too, but it's millennium revival sees celebrity's and cool kids walk hand in hand as a part of the Bleach London army. The undone, never-overly-groomed look achieved at Bleach salons (located in Topshop London and Dalston, conveniently in conjunction with Wah Nails) is the stuff of genius. The buzz has cascaded from Dalston to land's beyond, but it must be noted that we aren't to forget where this movement started first... her majesty's kingdom that is, of course.