My hero product today is none other than Aussie Hair Care's Volumising Shampoo. There are very few words that can readily sum up just how phenomenal this product is and has been for my hair for the year that I have been using it.

I am a keen lover of volumised hair and have tirelessly waged a war against straight flat locks since the dawn of time, so you can only imagine my delight when I not only discovered a shampoo which does just that, but one which actually works.

This definitely constitutes a firm winner of product of the month.


Updating you're make-up into the next season can be a hard task, when if like me, you're working with a cost-conscious budget that doesn't allow for mistake-purchases of products that don't work. But I have a long lasting easy solution to help you create endless different looks, day-in-day out, with minimal effort and maximum creativity. Create your own lipstick.

Sleek make-up Pout Paints are the perfect products for the indecisive shopper who wants to do their best to ensure their makeup is updated from one season to the next. In a hue of bright colours and a super-matte texture which allows for a variant of application techniques, these highly pigmented tubes of lip colour allow you (with a minimal primary school knowledge of colour theory) to create your very own kaleidescope of lip perfection.


Brightening eyes is the way to keep the make-up looking fresh as you take your look into the Autumn/Winter months. As looks go darker and colour gets brighter, eyes will need to look as fresh as possible to look model-ready. An easy way to achieve this is to use a pencil such as llamasqua Medium pencil in Vow in the waterline of the eye to create the effortless effect of eyes being wide awake. In seconds, take eyes from tired to wired.