It's no secret to anyone with an eye for key trends and an eye firmly placed on the cool elite of London (the Shoreditch girls and Dalston diva's alike), that Bleach London is the Sergeant in charge of the biggest hair-wake-up-call in the past decade. Pay attention. They've revived a hair movement that has been scattered through various decades in the past and delivered it firmly into the 21st century, the "bleach". The 80's embraced it fully and other era's shared it's presence too, but it's millennium revival sees celebrity's and cool kids walk hand in hand as a part of the Bleach London army. The undone, never-overly-groomed look achieved at Bleach salons (located in Topshop London and Dalston, conveniently in conjunction with Wah Nails) is the stuff of genius. The buzz has cascaded from Dalston to land's beyond, but it must be noted that we aren't to forget where this movement started first... her majesty's kingdom that is, of course.

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