Editorial Beach Shoot - BTS - CUSTOM LIPSTICK

So yesterday I had the pleasure of doing make-up for a magazine editorial beach shoot and it's been an amazing start to my year. The shoot was on the amazing coast of Norfolk and never have I seen anywhere so beautiful and serene... it was like a postcard.

It was however, painfully cold (temperature ranged from about 1-2 degrees celcius all day) and let's just say, I'm still defrosting now! Despite the weather conditions we all braved the weather (even doing the makeup in the back of the car!) and the photographs have turned out perfect. Here are a couple behind the scenes photos from the shoot and a huge thankyou to the Model Rachel and the photographer Daisy who also styled the shoot and filmed a fashion video with the help of Lukey.

P.S. I also made the lipstick myself, from scratch ... it's part of a new project that will be coming from me soon alongside Wonderbox that will make a lot of my makeup friends and makeup artists alike very happy!
Stay tuned...

LL xx

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