Welcome to Edition 2 of Pimpin' products. The beauty list that all products want to be on.

It's simple really = 3 products, 3 things I have tried, tested, loved and used, 3 new things I think you'd love to add to your beauty collection.

As a self-confessed Trevor Sorbie virgin I'm really dissapointed that I hadn't tried this range of products sooner... nevertheless I am ecstatic that I did. This volumising spray is just perfect in a bottle to be honest. It left my hair feeling product-less, leaving no residue behind and worked amazingly well when I blowdryed my hair upside down using just my fingers to tousle my hair.

Having tried every makeup fixing mist I can get my hands on, I am a big fan of the long-lasting effects you can achieve with your makeup using a fixing mist and this one from MUA Cosmetics might be up there with the best one I have ever used. (Yes, even better than makeup forever). The best makeup setting sprays are the ones that hydrate the underlayer of the skin, feeding the skin surface whilst putting a hold on all the makeup and ensuring it doesn't shift. This for me, does just that. 

My last of the three is by far my favourite lip product I have used since the Nars Cosmetics Velvet Matte lip pencils. Beaute Cosmetics Weightless Lip Creme's are so luxurious on my lips it feels almost like a massage... they are extremely rich in colour density and their pigment level is super-high which means I only have to apply it once and it lasts extremely long. Also, my favourite colour Trace is similar to one of my favourite MAC lipsticks - Fanfare if it were mixed with Snob (another MAC lipstick) and for me this is the perfect bubblegum pastel pink shade.


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