Glamourazzi is a place where every woman, girl, man or mammal (if you will) can enter into, with the hope and knowledge that they will find the best of the best of the beauty world, all in one glittering page of glamorous-ness . A musical of colour, in combination with a kaleidoscope knowledge will all be at your disposal to ensure you have the opportunity to grasp your true beauty with ease. Black skin, White skin, Asian skin, Mixed Race skin, we will have what you want to know and more with the best tips & tricks to ensure your beauty reigns... at all times.

Make-up & Beauty Trends from fashion week will be brought to you via 'The Trend Report' with all the freshest trends for current seasons and those to come.'Old-en Golden' will feature looks from previous era's that have remained iconic and my old but favourite beauty products that have lasted the test of 'make-up bag' time. 'Who's The Fairest?' will be our celeb beauty feature which will focus on celeb make-up looks, hair looks and nail looks seen anywhere from red-carpets to them walking down the street. 'Get The Glam' will give you the opportunity to get a step by step guide for magazine looks which have caught my eye, steps to achieving nail looks, make-up looks and hair looks. Now of course you can't have a beauty blog without focusing on the products themselves which make us beautiful so, reviews, product breakdowns and new product releases will be featured here too. Also, my favourite product list and what I myself are using and wearing will all be available for you too look at, aswell as some product giveaways in the future.

I will also occasionally be doing some post's on tattoos, body art, piercings, my own style/piercings/makeup etc and makeup, hair, nails etc. of people I see on the street. A beauty AND lifestyle blog, if you will.

So, welcome to Glamourazzi and let's embark on a journey together that allows our beauty to truly reign supreme, shall we....

(Picture via: Google) + (Words: Lungi Lee)

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