So my tattoo obsession continues. I only have 2 tattoos currently myself, but I long for more ink on my skin pretty much, Every.Single.Day. Some people find tattoos distasteful especially on women, but for me, it's art and an expression in the most personal form. Its like stripping naked in a street full of people and bearing your hearts desires as loud as you can, but never revealing your soul. Tattoos give us the opportunity to express ourselves to people before we even open our mouths to speak whilst still never having to really explain the reason behind why we picked the tattoo that we did and what it really means to us. The valley of the unknown. So while there are a million tattoos out there I am not inclined to get myself (mainly a sleeve, I envy women with the courage to get a sleeve, I just dont think I could do it) I adore every tattoo I see, from the weird to the wonderful as they remind me of something we should all remember everyday. In life, everyone is different and everyone is equal.


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