So I spent about three hours in Superdrug the other day spending an obscene amount of money on some drugstore make-up for my kit (and staining the back of my hand in the process) and I am so glad I did, because I found a mass amount of amazing products. As someone who works for a luxury make-up brand (I am a Mac makeup artist), it's rare for me to remain optimistic with the hope of finding some drugstore make-up which actually does what it says, for the price that you want. Very rare. But I guess this was one of those rare days, as I discovered a miragé of gems which I am incredibly inclined to share with you all. Let's get glam then, shall we.

Amazing. If amazing could ever be put in a bottle this would definitely be it. I loved it when I tried it on my hand but feared it would be too creamy to give a withstanding amount of colour, but I am pleased to say I was definitely wrong. When applied it is incredibly moisturising and even though it dries to a matte finish, it still leaves lips feeling soft and smooth. The colour assortment is beautiful also, my favourite is 03 Fairy Cake (coral pink shade). I would definitely recommend this for someone looking for a nice depth of colour (medium, easily buildable coverage) which will last up to around 6 hours (I had mine on before the gym and it didn't move an inch) and will work similar to a lipstain. Would probably last even longer if worn with a primer underneath such as MAC Prep+Prime Lip.

My all time favourite highlighter for olive toned, mixed race and black skins. It's a beautiful powder highlighter which is ingrained with shades of dusty pink, golden coral and deep bronze. I have used this product religiously for over a year now and I cannot get enough of it on myself and my clients. Can be worn over foundation or just on bare skin to really lift the colour in the face. Trés Magnifique. 

Sleek make-up never fail to surprise me when it comes to the wonders of creating products which do as they say at incredibly friendly prices. This product is divine. From the shades it comes in (8 in total, my favourite is Berry Blush, an almost exact dupe of Mac Beet lip pencil), to the velvety suede texture it's a winner. The gloss isn't nessecarily my favourite thing in the world (very sticky and just a bit "blaaa" to be honest) but the colour end does wonders. However, my only warning for this product will be ENSURE YOU MOISTURISE YOU LIPS THOROGHLY FIRST. It is incredibly matte to a point that almost makes it feel like paint, so if you don't moisturise your lips it will feel very uncomfortable. Otherwise, use it and love it. 

If like so many of us women (i'd say plus 99%), you are forever on the quest for longer, fuller, intensely black volumising lashes, you can stop the search right here. This mascara truly delivers it all to your lashes in the form of an innovative wand which effectively manages to coat every lash hair in a highly pigment black carbon formula which will leave your lashes looking perfectly false. A serious contender in my top 3 mascara's list. 

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