GIOGO - I Got In, So You All Have To.

It's very rare that I am in awe of any type of Vlog nowadays, being as there are millions and to be honest, most of them border on being flacid and terribly unoriginal... until now. Get ready to be stung by the GIOGO bug (GIOGO= Get In Or Get Out) as these fabulous female specimen by the names of Julianne Waters & Tiana Brown are definitely (without a shadow of doubt), a MAJOR get in. A concept that see's the two lovely ladies decipher everything from colour blocking do's & dont's, to christian louboutin manicures, this is your one-stop go-to-shop for all things fabulous and a warning off of all things faux chic. They never put a manicured foot wrong believe me, if they say it's in, it's sure as hell is.... They are IT guys and dolls and if you didn't know, well damn now you know.

GIOGO The Nail Show from GIOGO Girls on Vimeo.


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