Being the beauty-junkies we are over here at Wonderbox HQ, we find we can't get through one day without purchasing a new beauty product. Online, in store, from a catalogue... you name it, we've done it and it means we'd consider ourselves to be beauty-obsessed experts when it comes to what works and what doesn't. So, you can imagine our delight when we found ourselves in Superdrug recently, scouring the Barry M section and we came across a product which is now in our top 5 beauty products for the month (possibly the whole year!), Barry M Super Soft Eye Crayon.
Barry M Super Soft Eye Crayon 

In all honesty, I don't even know where to begin when it comes to how much we love this product... maybe because it's super highly pigmented (on the level we have come to expect from brands like Illamasqua, that can hardly be found anywhere else), extremely rich in colour density, the hues of colour are amazing, the texture is super soft (unbelievably) and to top it all off, it lasts insanely long. Now we loved this product so much we even went as far as to use it on our lips (we don't know if it's tested for use in this area, but for us and our clients it's been fine) and we made our own re-creation of the Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism cult lipstick colour, Apocalips. We used the green and the blue to create the exact right shade of green and everyone we saw was amazed by it. 

Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism Campaign - Apocalips Lipstick

We confidently give this product 5 out of 5 = 

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